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Harper Pumping offers superior drain and septic services 24/7 to residential customers. We are always on call and ready to solve persistent problems or out of the blue obstacles.


Industrial drain and septic services are Harper Pumping’s specialties. We have the tools and experience to remedy any problematic drain issues so that you can keep to your schedule. We service digesters, clarifiers, and industrial storage tanks. We offer a wide array of special service work to ensure your treatment plant and wastewater equipment functions properly. Grease traps small and large pumped and jetted.

Sewer Jetting

Harper Pumping uses water jetting for our drain cleaning services. While other service providers still use cables, jetting gets waste lines clean, not just cleared. Our van-mounted units allow us to get on-site quickly and finish the job faster. Large trailer jetters are also available for large pipe issues.

Video & Location Tools

Harper Pumping utilizes some of the most advanced video and location tools in the industry. We offer color inspection with detailed video recordings at affordable prices.


Harper Pumping are your go-to experts for agricultural drain and septic services. We have all the experience and equipment necessary to keep our services clean, quick, and efficient. Manure lines, parlor drains, and we also clean reception pits.

Trenchless/Pipe Service

Harper Pumping uses Trenchless point repairs to repair mainline and lateral sewer issues. At Harper Pumping, we utilize a state of the art vac service to suck clogged lines clean. We employ water jetting for long distances, grease, roots, ice, and sludge. We also use rooter/cable machines to ensure efficiency.


Harper Pumping is located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. We provide drain and septic services to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers throughout Southeast Wisconsin. We are more than just a pumper or a rooter company; we provide a wide range of services with the expertise to complete even the toughest drain and septic jobs.

Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper

Andrew Harper is the owner of Harper Pumping as well as the main technician. Andrew has many years of experience in providing high-quality, efficient drain and septic services at affordable rates.

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